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22nd March 2008

mrbnatural9:04pm: COMMUNITY PIMP: Murder By Numbers

COME AND JOIN THE CLUB! \:D/ murder8ynumbers is a new place for dedicated fans the 2002 thriller "Murder By Numbers" to find graphics, icons, share art and fic and make new friends.

-- icons!
-- misc graphics (headers, banners)!
-- fan made music videos!
-- general discussion and/or questions!
-- suggestions of similar movies!
-- info/updates/pictures of the cast!

If it is related to "Murder By Numbers" in any way, you're more than welcome to share. The film has a tiny cult following -- SO JOIN THE FUN -- and then let's chat and share and enjoy our mutual obsession! Huzzah!

Join! Join! Join!

25th July 2006

7percentoatmeal12:05am: Does anyone else think that Swoon would have been better if the L and L actors were reversed?

17th February 2005

dickieandbabe10:40pm: Mass Murderers?
In the Hulbert Bowman report on Loeb, it says " ...for example, he always used a taped chisel, he always struck from behind; in several instances he wanted to leave the signs of a struggle, and leave a broken watch behind,"

he *always* struck from behind??

27th January 2005

dickieandbabe9:32pm: The Harvard School alma mater of Nathan Leopold and Bobby Franks, is being converted into condos.

3rd February 2004

dickieandbabe7:53pm: Who would Leopold and Loeb like to see win the Presidency this year?

12th January 2004

selkie710:54pm: thrill me (has anyone else heard this?)
just got my copy of "thrill me" (the leopold and loeb musical) in the mail. Took a walk in the unseasonably warm weather and gave it a listen. ::heaves a heavy sigh:: ok. some of the lyrics were brilliant, and with the right actors even the horribly cringy ones (and beleive me there were A LOT of those) could probably sound decent. At least I'd like to hope so. The author is kinda on to something, although he changes the story in a way I really don't agree with (this was all Nathan's elaborate plan to get richard to be with him forever. what?!) If only he would be less literal once in awhile. I think he could use my help. I hope its still a work in progress because it could totally be improved enough to be actually a good show. God, musicals. I just don't know what I think of them anymore. I mean, the form itself is just inherently cheezy, so when you try and do something serious its really hard to get away from that. Just think of thier original name, musical comedy. The thing is they were never meant to be serious. Some people manage to pull it off, but most of the time it takes a remarkable amount of suspension of disbeleif. That is something I personally am willing to do because I have a soft spot in my heart for them, but I know a lot of people are not as willing as I, so I cringe for their author's a little every time, and feel just as naked as they must. art is so...naked. so easy to ridicule. that's why so many people hide behind comedy, lauging at themselves first. its not easy to stick your neck out and try to be serious. too bad i want it so badly. to be taken seroiusly. God Babe would hate this. he'd hate it so much. Or maybe he wouldn't. Knowing that he had mixed feelings about compulsion, and that most of that had to do with his chances for parole, leads me to beleive that maybe he could take it with a grain (or a pound) of salt like I did and come out loving the parts that ring true. 'A written contract' is, i think, the best song. followed closely by 'the plan.' Each one has at least 1 or 2 insightful lyrics in it. I just wish it could be insightful the whole way through. i can't stand that mix of really good and really bad, its almost worse than mediocre all the way through. But, yes, I knew what I was getting into. its a musical about leopold and loeb for god's sake. i wonder what goes in between the songs. i'd travel cross country to see it. if anyone has any info about it, please let me know.
in other news I finally finished life plus 99, so if anybody wants to chat about it, i'm curious to know what you thought.
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11th November 2003

dickieandbabe1:12pm: Make Believe.
For Pretend.

If...you could go back in time....would you, to when- 1922? 1923? 1924?
Would you attempt to ingratiate yourself in with...them, and if so, how? Under what guise? Friend? Teacher? Newspaperman? Maid? sexual partner?
And...would you try to keep them from killing anyone...and if so, how? And if not, Why?

9th November 2003

dickieandbabe5:37pm: If you believe in Hell, are Leopold and Loeb in it?

31st October 2003

embossedsilver11:33pm: To get a topic rolling...
What do you think about L&L's sexual realtionship? Personally, this is the most fasinating aspect of the case for me. Do you think it was a realtionship in which Leopold was the only one truly lusting and Dick went along with him, or was it more of a mutal thing? Or something else? I'm leaving this vauge on purpose, the general question is just: what do you think of L&L's realtionship as lovers?

30th October 2003

radioroxie12:02pm: i noticed that 'murder by numbers' was listed on the interests for this community. i hadn't heard of it before, so i decided to rent it. i haven't watched it yet, but what are your thoughts on this movie? i'm happy michael pitts from hedwig is in it, sad that it unfortunately has sandra bullock. bleh. oh well. i'll give it a try. i usually try to stay away from all things sandra b.

also, is anyone on this list from chicago?

23rd October 2003

radioroxie12:22am: greetings & salutations*
i just thought i'd introduce myself to this community. first off, i'm soooo excited that there's actually a community devoted to leopold & loeb. i've become hard-core obsessed with them over the last few months. so far i've read "never the sinner" by john logan and crime of the century. i also live in chicago, so it's pretty amazing having where it all happened to close to my home. i'm actually going to be house-sitting my friends' place which is on the same street that nathan leopold used to live & a block away from the ellis avenue (where the murder/bobby franks/and richard loeb) all used to live. i recently took a haunted tour of chicago (yeah i'm just that nerdy) with a friend and the guy who was giving the tour, richard crowe, is the grandson of their prosecuting attorney, robert e. crowe. it was really cool talking to him about the leopold/loeb trial. he had some very interesting stuff to say. anyway, sorry to go off on a giant prattling tangent but i'm so excited that there are other people who share my obsession:)

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12th October 2003

october_sage8:23pm: I feel like a such an idiot! My first day in a group and I've posted the same message twice.

Sorry about that!
october_sage8:23pm: I'm doing a analysis of the Leopold-Loeb case for a class I'm taking and my friend (stealing_starla, who is also a member here) said the community might be of some help. Here's to hoping so.

I've been to most of the sites listed in the community information but I'm looking for nice and very clear photographs for the Power Point presentation that goes along with the report. Are there any particular pictures that you like?

Please, also post any links you think might be of help.

october_sage8:22pm: I'm doing a analysis of the Leopld-Loeb case for a class I'm taking and my friend (stealing_starla, who is also a member here) said the community might be of some help. Here's to hoping so.

I've been to most of the sites listed in the community information but I'm looking for nice and very clear photographs for the Power Point presentation that goes along with the report. Are there any particular pictures that you like?

Please, also post any links you think might be of help.


17th August 2003

dickieandbabe8:26pm: Thrill Me
StealingStarla mentioned Thrill Me., the L and L musical.
Here's a review found online.
Midtown International Theatre Festival

Thrill Me is a musical rendering of the "crime of the century" committed by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, whose murder of a little boy in 1920s Chicago horrified and tantalized the nation. The story is framed by Leopold, who attempts to explain himself at his fifth parole hearing, thirty-five years after the crime. With book, music, and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff, Thrill Me attempts to explain the fatal symbiosis of Leopold and Loeb.

Billed as one of the most charismatic criminals ever, the well-read Richard (Matthew S. Morris) sees himself as a textbook example of Nietzsche’s superior men. "Everybody Wants Richard," according to Nathan, who went along with whatever Richard wanted. Morris certainly looks like someone who would attract followers, but he lacks the arrogance essential to Richard’s character. Morris is most successful in the song "Roadster," as he entices his unsuspecting victim to join him for a drive. Christopher Totten as Nathan seems to have a firmer grip on his character, the self-proclaimed "perfect accomplice," a mild-mannered ornithologist and law student enthralled by Richard. As criminals, the couple warm up with a little arson, then sit back in front of a warm romantic fire supplied by the warehouse they just burned.

Director Martin Charnin skillfully moves the two actors around the tight corners of the Abingdon Theatre’s Black Box. But the story has a static feel to it. Dolginoff informs us that Richard was in it for the thrill of the kill, and Nathan was in it for the thrill of Richard. Unfortunately, he does not go deeply into either compulsion. We must take at face value what might have been the perverse fascination of the pair. At the end, Dolginoff throws in an original plot twist that makes us question who is really running the show. But a deeper understanding of the characters is yet not on the docket.


Thrill Me continues as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, 312 W. 36th St. Performances are Wednesday, July 30th at 4 pm, and Sunday, August 3rd at 4:35 pm. For tickets, call 212-270-4200. Further information is available on line at www.midtownfestival.org.

-- Laura Shea

4th August 2003

selkie71:04am: L&L P.S.A.
just though y'all would like to know that "Never the Sinner" is coming to the milwaulkee studio theatre in late october/early november. this show is worth some travel, and you have 3-4 months to plan, therefore i expect to see all of you there, whoever you may be.

on another note, i am a little over half way through Babe's book which is starting to sound frightengly like the shawshank redemption(i'm on the chapter where he reorganizes the library and starts the correspondance school). At times it s poorly written and extrememly dated, but i'm definately enjoying it, and don't really find it all that dry despite what everyone says. Its like having a very detailed conversation with an old friend. Someone you talk to every day. i didn't know he corresponded with albert einstein. supercool Babe. i also didn't know people (including Dickie) called him Nate. not so cool. k, thats all.

21st July 2003

dickieandbabe1:53pm: July 21.
Today is July 21. On July 21, 1924, Leopold and Loeb officially changed their plea from Not Guilty, to Guilty. There would be no trial of the Century. There would only be a Hearing in Mitigation and Aggravation.

15th July 2003

dickieandbabe10:01pm: Here's another one- awaiting trial for 8 years?
The Great Despisers: Detectives, teachers paint portrait of psychopathic personality - Friedrich Nietzsche's `superman' theories of intellectual superiority fascinated Burns
by Noel S. Brady
Journal Reporter

At the time, no one thought much of it. Glen Sebastian Burns had never acted before, but when the play ``Rope'' was chosen for a student production at West Vancouver High School in British Columbia, Burns fought for the lead and got it.

Friends and teachers who knew Burns, then a 17-year-old senior, weren't surprised he would jump at the chance to portray a philosophical murderer. The play, adapted to film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1948, was about two supercilious young men who kill someone simply to prove they can. Their inspiration? The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, whose ``superman'' theories of intellectual superiority had long fascinated Burns.

When the play ended and Burns took a final bow in the school's auditorium that spring of 1993, the audience applauded.

Two years later, in a haunting parallel to Burns's role in the play, he and his best friend Atif Rafay would be arrested for the vicious baseball bat murders of Rafay's parents, Tariq and Sultana Rafay, and sister, Basma, 19, in their new Bellevue home.

Like the killers in ``Rope,'' Burns and Rafay were arrogant and brainy -- both were stellar students and graduates of the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate Program -- and devotees of Nietzsche.

``We've always said, you and I, that moral concepts of right and wrong don't hold for the intellectually superior,'' Burns said in the school play to the associate he persuades to help him murder another friend. ``The only crime we can commit is a mistake.''

The play was inspired by a real-life murder in 1924. Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, two gifted collegians and sons of wealthy Chicago families, kidnapped 14-year-old Bobby Franks, held him for ransom and ultimately murdered him. Read more...Collapse )

8th July 2003

stealing_starla8:50pm: Thrill Me -- The Leopold and Loeb Musical?
I was just surfing around today and found this.


I was just wondering if any of you had heard of it. Also,if you have, is this record worth buying?
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25th June 2003

dickieandbabe3:19pm: Manson never killed anyone
June 25— Before the night he was beaten to death, all seemed to be going well for 16-year-old Jason Sweeney. He had a new girlfriend, and he was excited about it.
"The night before they killed him, he and I had sat there talking, and he said, 'Mom, I'm dating this girl, and I've been dating her for a couple of weeks, and she's really nice,' " Dawn Sweeney, Jason's mother, told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. "I think you'll really like her."
But his mother never met 15-year-old Justina Morley, who police say was the teenage temptress involved in the slaying of her son.
On the night of May 30, Morley lured Jason Sweeney to a wooded area called "the Trails" near the Delaware River in Philadelphia, promising to have sex with him, police said.
But once there, Sweeney was beaten to death, struck almost a dozen times with a hammer, a hatchet and a rock, police said. The killers broke all but one bone in Sweeney's face.
Acting on a tip, police arrested Morley and two brothers, Dominic and Nicholas Coia, ages 18 and 16, respectively, in the beating death. Also arrested in the beating was 16-year-old Edward Batzig Jr., Sweeney's best friend. All four are charged with first-degree murder.
The teens are accused of plotting the attack on their friend for at least a week. Police say that prior to the slaying, they listened to the Beatles' song "Helter Skelter" 42 times to pump themselves up for the violent frenzy that followed.
The mass murderer Charles Manson listened to the same song before he and his followers launched a killing spree in the summer of 1969.
The four teens shared a group hug after killing Sweeney, according to transcripts of testimony in a court hearing. They are accused of stealing and splitting the victim's $500 paycheck and spending it on drugs.
"The brutality of this case is really beyond the spoken word," said Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Judy Conroy. "The injuries, and the extent of the injuries, and the amount of force necessary to inflict those injuries, is unspeakable."
All four teens are being charged as adults. If convicted, they could face the death penalty, with the exception of Morley, who is exempt because she is under 16.
Police say that Batzig and Dominic Coia have confessed to the killings.
"We took Sweeney's wallet out and split up the money, and we partied beyond redemption," Dominic Coia allegedly told police in his confession.
But a detective testified that when Dominic Coia was asked if he was high on drugs during the killing, he said this in his confession: "No, I was sober as I am now. It's sick, isn't it?"
For the Sweeney family, the sudden loss of Jason was stunning.
"It's literally a moment-to-moment thing," Dawn Sweeney said. "We all just miss him so much. It was just a horrifying shock."
The Sweeneys lived in Fishtown, a blue-collar section of Philadelphia. Dawn Sweeney works as a bank teller. Her husband, Paul, runs a small construction company, where Jason had been working since dropping out of school in the 10th grade. He planned to join the Navy when he turned 17.
"Jason was just the sweetest, kindest, most gentle child in the world," Dawn Sweeney said. "He was the kid that in the school yard, if he saw someone being bullied, that he would intervene."
That is what makes it so difficult to accept the way his friends allegedly turned on him, she said.
"That's one of the hardest parts about it because they knew Jason, and they knew what kind of person he was," his mother said.
She does not believe that the four accused teens just kind of lost it and were in a crazed state of mind when the slayings occurred.
"No, no. These children, they plotted this, it was very well thought-out, right down to their alibi," Mrs. Sweeney said. "Even at the preliminary hearings, the lawyers did a sidebar and the four of them sat there smiling and laughing. It was absolutely horrifying to see this."
Dawn Sweeney says that whatever happens to the four teens, she will never have justice.
"Because no matter what they do to these four kids, [it] is not going to bring my son back," she said.
After her son's funeral, the funeral director gave her a big lock of Jason's hair, which she put in a bag and wore around her neck.
Jason always wanted to visit New York, so Mrs. Sweeney said she planned a pilgrimage to the Empire State Building, one of the city's most famous landmarks.
"And everywhere I go, that Jason wanted to go, I'm going to cut off a piece of his hair — and leave it there," she said. "So a piece of him is there and in kind of a metaphoric way, he will have seen the Empire State Building."

22nd June 2003


20th June 2003

dickieandbabe10:10pm: Twleve words devoted to death.

14th June 2003

dickieandbabe12:29pm: Is it anti semetic to say that Nathan Leopold was Jewish?

13th June 2003

dickieandbabe5:12pm: Today I got a surprise in the mail- from Illinois. A copy of Richard Loeb's death certificate I'd requested many many months ago and had forgotten about. Postmarked on June 11, his birthday.

12th June 2003

dickieandbabe6:37pm: In Leopold and Loeb History...
Tomorrow is June 13, so that means it is the Leopold and Loeb day that Drs Hulbert and Bowman began their examinations of them.
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